Well... these two certainly know how to make an entrance! Why not drive a train to your wedding.

As they approached Hautbois Hall you heard the train whistle from miles away, they must have been excited for their day as it certainly sounded so.

Chris & James, as with many couples, had multiple hurdles to jump for their 2020 wedding. Their original plans sounded amazing but as time went by and restrictions getting tighter and tighter the less they could have. They had plans for a surprise cake unveiling, party and a string quartet but due to now only being allowed fifteen guests all this has been put on hold until 2021. The amazing thing was that the quartet recorded themselves playing their ceremony music which was a real special touch.

The ceremony was held in the newly converted room at Hautbois Hall which made for a gorgeous intimate ceremony with stunning double sliding doors leading you into the room which is filled with tons of natural light flooding in from the large windows which fills most of the gable end.

After the ceremony, group shots and some bubbly we took a walk down to the train bridge which stretches over the River Bure for some couple time and to grab some images.

This is a lovely scenic path that runs along side the train track then back round along the river. The clouds on the day made for nice soft light, we're just glad it did't rain as it had been for the whole week.

The day was a perfect example that micro, mini, small, elopement weddings can be just as beautiful as before and proves that love overcomes all obstacles and is the most strongest bond between two souls.

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