The hottest week of the year, Cromer beach, Chips....

Kelly, James and myself organised their engagement shoot on the Saturday after a week of HOT weather thinking, yes! Chips, the pier, big open sands and hot clear skies. All was looking good for some awesome conditions, even the drive there gave some gorgeous light but the closer we came to the coast the weather had other ideas. Grey, dull skies and strong winds flooded us taking all chances of a stunning sunset like the night before. (and so be it the night after :-| ) 

Not too deterred, after chips, we headed on down to the beach to try capture some images. I do like light, whitey blue skies. To me they give almost a blank canvas to make colours POP and bam... we got some shots!

We are heading on out again to try our luck for some golden hour fun so watch this space.