Sometimes it's a nice break from wedding photography to go out and have fun so....

We've been waiting for this day to come for many weeks. Timing good weather and a low tide at Sea Palling beach. The day we decided to take a trip looked bleak as the clouds came across low and thick, the wind was blowing and to top it off on our arrival there was a swimming race being held. We took a walk along the beach trying to locate a quiet spot with good lighting and wet sand to set up at.

Vaida, my model was eager to get changed in her first dress and get some images. As the clouds lifted we had about an hour as the sun was setting casting an orange golden glow which gave some stunning light until the pink hues started to break through. This is where Vaida changed into her second outfit, a gorgeous white dress which worked so well with the pastel colours in the sky. We took many images with this look and we are both really pleased how they came out.

As the sun set and the sky started turning dark with a subtle purple glow we walked back across the beach to find a pool of standing water where I could ask Vaida to, kindly, lay down. She was more than happy to work with me after explaining the kind image I was looking for. The result was stunning and I have to give a huge thank you to her for putting up with me getting colder and colder the longer we were there. The images were worth getting wet for and I couldn't of asked for a better moment.

Hope you enjoy the results! 

Craig greenwood photography